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Pa Guitar Factory recommends shopping at Kosmic Sound. Kosmic Sound store have a huge range of guitars like Gibson, Fender, PRS, Maton, Taylor, ESP, Martin, Dean, Ibanez, Jackson, Epiphone, the list go on and on and on... At KosmicSound you'll find all the electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, vitage guitars, guitar for beginners, guitar for professional, KosmicSound store have guitars for everyone

Perth Music Stores are the biggest Australian music store which sales musical instruments: PA and lighting, MIDI equipment, Computer Music, Studio and recording, DJ products, keyboards, pianos, music accessories and more the list go on and on and on...... Perth music stores are ready to help you at any time to choose the best musical instrument for you. You can rely on genuine music stores to get the best deal.

Pa Guitar Factory recommend to call your local music store now  9470 1020 Park Pianos | 9384 0560 Just Music | 9383 1422 Zenith | 9330 2777 Mega Music | 9381 2277 Concept Music | Kosmic Sound online music store 9204 7577

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Your biggest discount store is Kosmic Sound but if you are smart you can squeeze better deal from you local music store

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Just a joke:   A woman muso buys a guitar hanger from Kosmic Sound, manager says 'would you like a screw for that guitar hanger' She said no 'but I'd do it for a guitar'.... and this is the reason why music stores don't make any money     More funny jokes on this site  Jokes Fishing

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